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With a population of over 4000, the Tuvaluan capital, Funafuti, remains a pretty low-key town. With no heavy industry and only two manufacturing facilities (textiles and soap), the air remains pure and the pace of life measured. Funafuti is an administrative center, hosting a cluster of government buildings near the airport (the landing strip of which is also the town's main soccer pitch) and a church. Ten minutes walk north of the center is the island's main village, while a further ten minutes on is the deep water wharf. The Funafuti atoll consists of 30 islets that have a total area of 689 acres. Most of the people live in Fongafale village on the islet of Funafuti. The main government offices of Tuvalu and a hospital, a hotel, a jail, an airstrip, and a wharf also are located on the islet. The most popular spot is the Funafuti lagoon which is about 9 miles wide and some 11 miles long. It is filled with a variety of wonderful multi-coloured tropical fish and is excellent for fishing, swimming and snorkeling.

A picture speaks a thousand words

It proves difficult to provide a more detailed guide to Funafuti, as there are no major attractions there to speak of, except, of course, those presented by the nature. Please enjoy these images as they describe Funafuti's treasures better than most reviews and words.