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Greetings and Welcome to Tuvalu!

Tuvalu (meaning "a group of eight") is a scattered group of nine small atolls (one of the island was not taken into account in naming of Tuvalu) in the western Pacific Ocean extending about 350 miles from north to south. The main island, Funafuti, is also the capital and lies 1200 miles north of Suva, Fiji.

Tuvalu, the world's second smallest country and, according to the United Nations, one of the least developed, fulfills the classic image of a South Sea paradise. Visitors come to the islands to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and palm-fringed beaches (there's little else). On average, Tuvalu receives fewer than 1000 tourists a year (most of the part of foreign aid delegations), has little or no natural resources, is difficult to get to and/or get around in. So, if you prefer action and activity packed vacations, perhaps this destination should not be on your "must see" list. However if all you seek is sitting in solitude under a palm tree and gazing at beautiful nature, you're in luck.

This page provides basic travel information to Tuvalu (accommodations, activities/sightseeing), a guide to Funafuti (capital), and Nui, one of the islands. Enjoy your visit and the beauty of Tuvalu. Please use feedback page for any comments relating to information on this web site.

Use the map below to get acquainted with geography of Tuvalu, click on Funafui or Nui to learn more about those destinations.


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