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My Life Story 

   I was born in 1934 in Auckland, New Zealand, where my family had a wonderful crocodile farm. My childhood was spent around crocodiles,  those beautiful tender creatures.  I helped my parents take care of many crocodiles before they were fully grown and shipped to other continents for use in zoos, shoe factories, and exotic meals. 

   In 1942, when I was 8 years old, my family moved to Krakow, Poland, where they ran the very first weight-loss center, a German-sponsored enterprise. It was a camp where many people came to lose weight. It was very a very successful endeavor, however cut short in 1945, when my parents' business went bankrupt, for reasons I do not quite know since I was still quite young and inexperienced in business matters. I think the funding by the German government was cut off, or maybe it was something else.

   In 1945, we moved to Leningrad (now Saint-Petersburg), Russia, where my uncle lived. I attended a private Catholic all-girls school there, and my family kept a large bookstore, called Heavenly Word. The bookstore carried religious Christian literature, many antique and rare works, some as old as first century BC. It was truly one of the best bookstores, very popular and respected.

   In 1954, when I turned 20 years old, it was time for my arranged marriage to wonderful Dr. John White, 30 years my senior, a brilliant man, and a superb doctor. I remember, I was ever so excited when we decided to move to Beijing, China. We lived in China for 10 years, and Dr. White kept a fertility clinic there. At that time China was dangerously under populated, and I like to believe that we helped many Chinese families to realize their dreams of having 5 or more children. During that time, I attended Beijing University and received my PhD in Economics.

   In 1965, my husband and I moved to Havana, Cuba, then a land of endless opportunity for business & enterprise. Our life in Cuba was wonderful. My husband kept a private practice, and I taught courses in Capitalist Enterprise at Castro College of Economics. In 1983, we went for a picnic in a sailboat which turned disastrous. An unpredicted storm washed our boat ashore Florida, and we were unable to gain entry back to Cuba. 

   We stayed in America, and moved to Wisconsin. My husband passed away in 1985, and I moved to Arizona. Since then I did some gardening, and read some newspapers. Now I am attending the Arizona State University and I'm only a year away from getting my Bachelor's degree in Golf. Such is my true life story, I hope you enjoyed it